Facebook Page  Rules of Engagement - Last updated : May 2017


In joining our community on Facebook, the P&C of Nedlands Primary School follows the Department of Education Code of Conduct and Facebook's Community Standards.



The P&C of Nedlands Primary School is made up of parent and community volunteers.  We have created a Facebook page as a place for our school community to share the latest information and get involved in the many and varied activities the P&C runs throughout the year.  We will also share other school related events that benefit the school, parents and students.



Facebook Terms and Conditions state no one under the age of 13 years should have a Facebook profile. Therefore, any comments from primary students on the P&C Nedlands Primary School page will be removed.



Photos of students can only be published by the P&C Nedlands Primary School Facebook page administrators, (the administration team) and this will only occur if the correct Department of Education Permission to Publish forms have been completed by the student's parent or guardian.


For privacy and protection, tagging photos of children is not permitted. Please do not name children in your comments.   On rare occasions and with parental permission, students may be named by the P&C's Facebook administration team.


Tagging of parents or friends within the comment box is permitted with the understanding that all other rules of engagement are followed.



The P&C of Nedlands Primary School encourages interaction from participants with the understanding that the P&C of Nedlands Primary School does not endorse comments or wall postings made by visitors to the page.


We ask that visitors making comments on the page show respect for other users by ensuring discussions remain civil. Personal attacks, trolling or spam will not be tolerated.


The administration team will monitor and review the page and reserve the right to remove comments that do not adhere to the rules of engagement of the page and Facebook's community standards including comments that:

  • are deemed racist, sexist, homophobic, abusive, profane, violent, obscene, spam

  • create or promote a negative perception or deliberately damage the image or reputation of the school

  • libel, incite, criticise, threaten or make personal character attacks on Nedlands Primary School students, employees, guests, P&C members or other individuals

  • advocate illegal activity

  • are wildly off-topic


We reserve the right to remove any participant or post that does not adhere to the rules of engagement or Facebook's Community Standards.  We will not permit messages selling products or promoting commercial, political, religious or other ventures.

This page is administrated and moderated by the P&C administration team. Contact the Nedlands Primary School P&C with any questions.  Email to: nedlandspca@gmail.com


Facebook Page Rules of Engagement
Last updated : May 2017

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